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Remedies in
The Great Outdoors Kit

Note: For additional information regarding administeration of these remedies, dosages, and possible contra-indications, see the Remedy Guide provided inside the Kit, or consult with a naturopathic doctor.

  • Allergiplex by Unda is a combination of homeopathic medicines (Apis 15CH, Pulmo anaph 15CH, Pollantinum 30 CH, Trebehenin, Micorcrist cellulosum) which helps to prevent and/or alleviate the symptoms caused by all airborne inhalant allergens, allergic rhinitis (runny nose).

  • Apis Mellifica by Dolisos is a homeopathic medicine used for relief of insect bites and stings; hives; eye inflammation where eyes are burning, red, sore or stinging, and eyelids swollen; allergic and inflammatory reactions; cystitis with burning or stinging pain; headache with burning, throbbing pain in head, over eyes and/or from the base of the skull to the bottom of the neck; sore throat and tonsillitis where there is redness, swelling, and stinging.

  • Apisgel 40 by Dolisos contains a homeopathic medicine (Apis Mellifica) which is used to help alleviate tingling and promote healing of insect bites/stings and skin complaints such as hives and blister-like swellings, where the skin becomes swollen, itchy or burning and sensitive to touch.

  • Arnica Montana by Homeocan is a homeopathic medicine which is your first choice after most accidents, injuries, and physical ordeals. It is used to alleviate pain and promote healing in bruises, broken or fractured bones, sprains, swelling, bleeding, and before/after surgery or dental treatment; in case of boils that are small, numerous and sore.

  • Calendula+ Cream by Homeocan contains the herbs Calendula Officinalis and Echinacea Angustifolia, which have been fortified with homeopathic medicines Hypericum Perforatum, Cantharis, Phytolacca Decandra, and Sulphur. It is used for the relief of skin irritations including minor burns, cuts, scrapes, diaper rash, insect bites, eczema flare-up, itching, chapped or cracked skin.

  • Optalia by Boiron contains a combination of homeopathic medicines (Cineraria maritime, Euphrasia officinalis, Calendula officinalis, Kali muriaticum,Calcarea flourica, Magnesia carbinoca, and Silicea) which is used for the relief of minor eye irritation caused by allergy, fatigue, or pollution (dust, smoke).

  • Rhus Tox by Boiron is a homeopathic medicine which is used for joint and muscle ailments where stiffness and pain are better with continued movement but worse when first starting to move or at rest.skin, and for complaints where skin is itchy, red, swollen, burning or blistered.

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